07 February 2017

Kingpin: Life of Crime enhanced graphics

Enjoy my modified QeffectsGL. :), that i have posted on moddb site.

Download link:
Kingpin life of crime enhanced graphics

I modified how textures and how the effects look, by tweaking QeffectsGL. For example, the fire, the lights, brightness and the bloom effects. Also, the muzzle flash of the guns in the game is changed. But of course you could tweak the effects, making it look better or worse. I plan to make some decals to go with QeffectsGL, when the player or the characters in the game fire their weapons and leave a mark on the wall.

All thanks for the program goes to XaeroX, the maker of QeffectsGL.

Copy the files from the archive (QeffectsGL_readme.txt, opengl32.dll and QeffectsGL.ini) in the Kingpin directory, where your Kingpin.exe is. After you run the game, a log file will appear (QeffectsGL.log). You can read it to see if you have any errors. To uninstall, just delete the three files.

As it states on QeffectsGL site :

1. Do not replace the library in "WINDOWS/System32" !
2. Some anti-cheating software (e.g. VAC) may refer the library to as a cheat. Do not use anti-cheating software when playing with QeffectsGL!

Due to SSAO not properly displaying shadows (fuzzy shadow appears around the model feet, through shadow on ground is ok) edit QeffectsGL.ini with notepad and change SSAO=1 to SSAO=0, like below. The rest can be on default, because if you change to SSAO=0, it doesen't take into account the others.

And if you run the game at a lower frame rate than usual, change the below numbers to a lower ones.

Without the modified QeffectsGL:

With the modified QeffectsGL:

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