16 July 2018

Making a texture in Paint Shop Pro 7 with transparency

When you make your texture, swap you background color with black. Black color is viewed as transparency in the game.  Save your image as png and click Options..., the above image will show.
 In transparency tab transparency is showned on the right
 The image will be a png file
 Close it after saving it, open it again and save it as a tga file.
Make a new cube and drag it in func_wall. In this case, all but south face will be black

Click inside surf2_alpha
Face Flags

If windows 7 ultimate doesen't open by default Quark 6.6 beta 7 .qrk, .qkm, .bsp or .map files

If someday in Quark 6.6 beta 7, when you double click a .qrk, .qkm, .bsp or .map file and windows 7 ultimate doesen't allow by default to open these files with Quark, go in regedit and delete the below instance (with its regedit Quark folder) :

Next time when you double click a .qrk, .qkm, .bsp or .map file, windows 7 ultimate will ask you again to choose a default program. Choose alway open with, at your Quark.exe and will work, the above instance will write itself in regedit.