10 November 2018

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18 September 2018

Halloween creepy crawlies prefabs pack 1


Halloween creepy crawlies prefabs pack 1

I have made some prefabs for the upcoming Kingpin life of crime Hallowen mod, and i hope you enjoy it in your maping projects.
And because the crawlies are big, there are also good for Dawn of Darkness, i will post on DoD site also.

Open the .qkm file with Quake army knife editor.

Halloween creepy crawlies prefabs pack 1

Archive contents:
4 prefabs in a .qkm file:
A text file and a image preview.


You can share, transform, adapt.
Give atribution
Non comercial.
ShareAlike, if you transform or build upon, keep the same license.

16 July 2018

Making a texture in Paint Shop Pro 7 with transparency

When you make your texture, swap you background color with black. Black color is viewed as transparency in the game.  Save your image as png and click Options..., the above image will show.
 In transparency tab transparency is showned on the right
 The image will be a png file
 Close it after saving it, open it again and save it as a tga file.
Make a new cube and drag it in func_wall. In this case, all but south face will be black

Click inside surf2_alpha
Face Flags