11 February 2017

Add the path in QuArk to your new textures folder

1. Choose a texture for your brush, and at ,,Texture browser...,, unselect the ,,Kingpin Textures,, texture folder (click anywhere on white space), click ,,Folders,, and ,,New main folder...,,

Click ,,In a new Add-on,, to make a new .qrk addon, with a name (for example your username_textures).

2. Now you have a ,,New folder,, and give this the same name as the created .qrk addon.

On the left of the binoculars icon click ,,Make links to textures in a folder.,,

Click ,,main,, on the list and leave thicked only ,,Dynamic,, and ,,Merged,, and click ,,Ok,,

Click + of the ,,main,, list and delete everything except your texture folder.

3. Drag your texture folder name in the list on the ,,username_textures,, and delete the empty ,,main,,.

Now you have a new structured list as above.

Enjoy your textures or textures with transparency. :)

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