11 February 2017

Add a texture with transparency to a wall brush by using func_wall

1. How to add a graffiti texture to your brush without problems by using func_wall:

This tutorial also applies to a normal texture, but in that case you do not put the brush in a func_wall, because if the brush is a prefab (a crate etc.) will not cast shadows.

In the graffiti texture situation it does not matter because the func_wall is added on a wall.

- Add a cube brush in your map, click the + sign, and choose all the 6 faces with ctrl or shift keybord keys. Go to ,,Polyhedron-view,, or ,,Face_view,, and click ,,choose texture,, and click sprites and double click alfa_v1 texture. Now you have the transparency on all the brush faces.

- Click ,,flags for this face,, and untick everything.

So doing the same thing, add your texture with transparency on the south face of the new cube (if you put the brush on the north wall).
Next, you include your brush in the func_wall so the texture won't be bright in the game regardless of the light position.

2. Add it in a func_wall:

- Click KingPin Entities, choose func_wall, click + and delete its poly.

Add your new cube to the func_wall by draggin it with the left mouse button on it. (give ,,new cube,, another name if you wish).
Double click the func_wall and thick ,,SURF2_ALPHA,,.

I learned about ,,func_wall,, ,,SURF2_ALPHA,, and unthick all flags by reading felikkz7 topic, his last answer in the topic.
Thanks felikkz7 for the post in the topic.

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